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When Peter Sage, a famous inspirational speaker, was suddenly locked up in a high security prison, his life and business were thrown into chaos. Peter had taught his fans how to conquer adversity; in prison the philosophy he stands for was put to the ultimate test. The film will begin showing Peter in prison, and how he becomes a mentor to other inmates. The camera shows Peter approach Oliver in the library. Coming down of heroin, Oliver is desperately searching the bookshelves looking for a light out of the darkness. Peter and Oliver begin to talk…

This is where you come in. In a flashback, the audience watches you speaking with Peter. They see you share with him the core tenets of your philosophy. Then, back in the present, they see Peter pass on these same lessons to Oliver. Peter inspires several inmates in this way, drawing on wisdom from a handful of leading coaches and mentors who have inspired him (yes, this is you!). We see the impact of these teachings on the inmates as they overcome the adversity of their circumstances through the new ideas you share. Eventually, this creates a powerful movement that ripples through the entire system.

There’s no need to act - just be yourself, and we’ll broadcast your success story and inspiration to the world, and help inspire millions more.

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Peter Loved LEAP

Peter featured in the book released together with the movie ‘LEAP’, the world’s first documentary about the coaching profession. It has been nominated for nine film festivals and won five awards, with full theatrical and online release in 2018.

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About the Film Makers

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski have raised over three million dollars to create four films, including LEAP and IMPACT..

Peter loved LEAP, so he has officially sanctioned Patryk & Kasia to make a full feature documentary. There’s room for you to be involved, and talk about your teachings and inspiring work.

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